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I. Preamble

We the Heroes of the Burning Legion realm, in order to form a more perfect guild, to ordain and establish this Charter for the guild, Heroes of Integrity.

II. Goal

Our goal as the Heroes of Integrity is to enhance the experience of playing World of Warcraft on the Burning Legion server by organizing the effort needed to explore "end-game" content.

Also, because we Heroes are organized to fill the void of morals and standards that has become rampant amongst the piteous abundance of pre-established, profligate, and self-indulgent guilds, we Heroes of Integrity shall from hence forth be the representatives of leadership and good humor amongst our peers.

III. Principles

While we are driven by our hearts in the pursuit of happiness, we Heroes shall always guide our every action based on these eight founding leadership traits:

1. Initiative: The ability to begin or to follow through enthusiastically, without prompting or direction from others.

2. Enthusiasm: The need for the perceptible, unsolicited enjoyment obtained from participation and the efforts to engage others in participation.

3. Unselfishness: The ability to put the greater need of the guild or one's peers before one's own.

4. Tact: Acute sensitivity to what is proper and appropriate in dealing with others, including the ability to speak or act without offending.

5. Dependability: The trait associated to someone who is a strong, honest and structured individual that can be expected to always perform well.

6. Bearing: The behavior through which one reveals one's personality.

7. Loyalty: The steadfastness in one's allegiance to the guild, officers of the guild, guildees and the ideas upheld by the guild.

8. Integrity: The persistent adherence to high moral standards, no matter the occasion, location or company.

IV. Hierarchy

The ranks shall be as follows, in order from highest to lowest:

1. Guild Master

2. Co-Guild Master

3. Banker

4. Officer

5. Officer Alt

6. Co-Founder

7. Core Raider

8. Member

9. Initiate

V. Hierarchy Details

1. The Guild Master can perform any task associated with the guild.

2. Co-Guild Masters can also perform any task associated with the guild.

3. Bankers are only managed by the Guild Master or Co-Guild Masters, so he can also perform any task associated with the guild.

4. To obtain the Officer rank, a guildee must be voted in by all Co-Guild Masters and at least 1/3 of the officers already in service. An Officer can only be demoted or /gkicked by a Co-Guild Master. Members of this rank can perform most tasks associated with the guild, but must not share their account with anyone other than officers.

5. An Officer Alt is any alternate toon created on an Officer's or Co-Guild Master's account and reserves the same rights, privileges, duties, and restrictions as the Officer rank.

6. A Co-Founder is reserved only to those whom signed the original guild charter. Members of this rank may invite new initiates and edit their own public notes.

7. To obtain the Core Raider rank, a guildee must only prove themselves as a very dependable player to any Officer or Co-Guild Master. Members of this rank will have some priority over service requests asked of the guild, raid slots, and Guild Bank access as well as edit their own public notes.

8. To obtain the Member rank, a guildee must only prove their loyalty to an Officer or Co-Guild Master.

9. Initiates are newly invited guildees who's personalities are yet unknown to the Officers and Co-Guild Masters.

All ranks except level 4 and lower are subject to an optional /gkick by any rank level 3 or higher if their "Last Online" status ever reaches the '> 1 month' mark.

VI. Group Quests and Dungeons

Group quest and Dungeon parties may or may not be scheduled, but invites will always be subject to "need before greed" then "first come first serve." Any guildee may report unfair invitation practices to any Officer or Co-Guild Master.

VII. Raiding

All raids will be scheduled at least one week in advance or otherwise are not considered official. All raid invites will be subject to "first come first serve" then "need before greed." Some add-ons and mods may be required. Trash loot dispersion will be subject to the need of the guild and will be decided on by the Co-Guild Masters and Officers at every raid. Boss Loot will be decided upon by the appropriate DKP system.


We will be using the Zero-Sum system for DKP. In a zero-sum DKP system our guild DKP records always end with a zero total point balance. The guildee that is interested in an item may voice interest no matter their points balance. The player with the highest points balance receives the item and goes down that amount of points even if they were at a negative number or it will take them to a negative value. The points are then distributed equally amongst all other raiders to equal a zero-sum.

IX. Guild Bank

The guild bank will be accessible to all guildies via "Duckie Bank." It hold all monies, gear, mats or recipes that have been obtained through joint effort by the guild and it's ownership can not be made certain for any single guildee or any valuable donations. These items can be used for individual purposes such as enchants or skill leveling by any guildee. Any distributed item may or may not cost gold or DKP, and is determined in a case by case manner, at the discretion of a Guild Master and/or Co-Guild Masters.

X. Guild Chat and Ventrilo

All forms of guild communication (including: gchat, ventrilo, and forum posts, etc.) will maintain a low occurance of mature language and content. Any guildee that fails to abide may be silenced by an Officer from all guild communication for an extended period of time. Any furthor infractions may warrant a /gkick.

XI. Amendments

Any amendment to this charter must be passed in vote by Guild Master (or all Co-Guild Masters) and at least 1/3 of the Officers in service.

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