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Sindragosa Down!
She's down (at least her 10man version) and so we move on to the final goal: Lich King... we're coming for you.
- Texasjustice
Memorial Day Weekend
Several website updates with the login server, account/character management and the forums, while our realm rank went back down to 40. :( You may need to edit your account information after you login to fill in missing information since the database upgrade (i.e. gender/professions of your main toon)
- Texasjustice
The login server has been temporarily disabled for a much needed upgrade.

Thank you for your patience.

PS: You can still read the boss strats in the forum, and of course the "Chat with Texasjustice" tool is still working over there on the left ^_^.
- Texasjustice
Raid Attendance = Fail
"Core" raiders,
   If you're going to skip out us on one of the raid nights. Pick night #1 because its easier to find pugs on a clean run. Also don't leave raid until we call it. In spite of spamming for a dirty run, we stayed LF2M for 2 hours not because we couldn't find pugs, but because we were recruiting them as fast as "raiders" were giving up.
- Texasjustice
Up in rank again.
To echo what Mars said. Congratulations to everyone involved in downing the princes for a guild first and earning 4 more ranks up tp #38!
- Texasjustice

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